(2007) [REC]

I have to admit found footage was a once hated genre for me (except for The Blair Witch Project) so I always go into these types of movies expecting disappointment. This was written and directed by two Spanish directors who I’ve never heard of so I’m not going into that sort of detail. I did see they had made a sequel to this so maybe I’ll watch and review that one at some point.

Okay, onto the meat and bones of this claustrophobic cocksucker. Being that this is my first post I’ll say upfront that I’ll try to leave out any movie ruining spoilers. This found footage style zombie flick is set all in one apartment building. It starts out sort of mediocre I want to say but the movies greatest strength was its ability to build tension incrementally up until the credits roll. It’s fast paced, bloody and the ending is pretty damn good. [REC] doesn’t break any major genre barriers but it’s suspenseful fun and sometimes that’s all I really want.



Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

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