(2012) Chained

Directed by Jennifer Lynch; I had no idea David Lynch had a daughter that made films but here we are. She made some giant flop before this movie called “hissss” or something but there’s an Australian documentary out there about what she went through to make it so maybe there’s more to that story. Oh and some crime horror movie that was supposedly awesome so I’ll watch that at some point.

This movie is about a fucked up guy who keeps some kid chained up in his house and then tries to teach the kid to be fucked up too, basically every one of my relationships. It’s fucking raw, it takes the classic abduction and captivity story and peels back the layers. There’s so much going on here that you’ll need a drink after and I don’t mean an IPA leftover from last weekend, I mean a fresh bottle of scotch. Both the acting and directing show real talent, I’ll be watching out for J-Lynch in the future.


Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

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