(2001) Pulse (Kairo)

You never really know when you’re going to come across a movie like Pulse; a movie that goes beyond jump scares and feeds on our inner most existential fears.

This is an incredibly meaty movie that takes a minute to digest and if watched in a group, you’ll most likely all have different interpretations of what you just saw. It’s a two hour long dystopian nightmare that’s downright depressing. Best of all? It was actually scary. I don’t mean to brag to my 12 year-old self but I haven’t been “scared” by a movie in a long time and there were certain sequences that made my tiny nuts start to perspire.

How a horror movie can make ghosts infiltrating our world through the internet not stupid is beyond me but everything here just worked. For 2001, the visual effects for the ghosts are perfect and don’t steal the spotlight away from the emotionally driven horror that makes this project successful. Instead of dead girls crab-walking through Walmart we get uncomfortable imagery that aligns with the greyscale production. I was impressed with many of the blurry ghost encounters where the camera doesn’t pan away, it’s really unnerving for some reason. This is undoubtedly the best Japanese Horror movie I’ve seen (so far). 

We spend our lives drifting in and out of relationships, enduring times of severe loneliness and depression when not being assaulted with human interaction. So many people believe that death is essentially going home, moving on to be the ones you lost. Others believe we’re always alone, in life and after death, which one are you?



Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

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