(2001) Trouble Every Day

Trouble Every Day is an arthouse style horror movie that thrives its subtle plot devices but spawns a possible level of pretentiousness with its more questionable scenes.

While I can understand someone not buying into Clair Denis’ motifs for showing ejaculate and menstrual blood, for me it encompassed this sickening atmosphere that was consistent from start to finish. It’s a shame I bought into it too because I was really looking forward to seeing my first pretentious cumshot.

The lead actor Vincent Gallo apparently broke up with his girlfriend the day before this movie started shooting. If that’s not true then his performance is even more impressive because it’s wrought with genuine heartache. His performance alone is a huge part of what drives the plot along. Instead of getting this full backstory we get somewhat ambiguous scenes where it all starts to come together.

I’d recommend this to any horror fan for the first sex scene alone which is truly a masterpiece.




Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

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