(2015) Green Room

Rest in peace Anton Yelchin. Rarely do I find personal sentiment towards an actor deceased but I truly felt so much promise for Anton, it was genuinely saddening to hear of his passing.

I may have been guilty of quoting Justin Timberlake in Alpha Dog “you know how I get with this anxiety shit!” while laughing, but it was only to cover up how heartbreaking Anton’s performance was. Alone watching that movie I choke back tears as Anton begs Frankie to promise him everything is going to be cool as Johnny’s goon leads him out into the desert. Seriously, fuck you if you don’t think that movie is incredible in every facet.

I’m so glad to say that Green Room was an absolute success. It’s a film that thrives in authenticity and shuns every single cliche that could of possibly ruined it. Anton’s performance is incredible as always. The entire movie reeks of impending doom and it gripped me from start to finish.

As usual, I have to be an asshole a little bit here. The director advertises Patrick Stewart to the max as his darkest humblest restrained performance yet. Well all I can say is Patrick Stewart offers nothing any other bald actor could’ve added but nevertheless, he was fitting and yeah, whatever. That description honestly makes me think they would have described the main dogs performance the same way if Neil Degrasse Tyson played it.

There’s not too much to think about here, just raw tension and carnage so crack open a fresh beer and treat yourself.



Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

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