(1981) Scanners

I know Scanners isn’t the most well received Cronenberg film but i really dug it for what it ended up being. It’s a sci-fi horror that’s truly built around the story and propped up by awesome 80’s style special effects.

The glaring problem with this movie is that it’s almost impossible to give a shit about the main character. We know he’s a scanner and much different from a normal person but my god is the acting bleak and void of emotion. S0 basically I never ended up caring whether he lived or died, which in this instance, didn’t ruin the movie. I wanted to know more about the scanners themselves, the backstory and where their “war” was headed. Thankfully the movie delivered on all of that.

I remember reading that Cronenberg kind of struggled through making this movie because of different problems with the production and crew. It unfortunately shows but there’s too many  awesome moments to pass it up.



Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

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