(1986) From Beyond

From Beyond is an awesome H.P. Lovecraft adaptation from the creators of Re-Animator. So basically you know you’re in for a body horror epic when you toss this on.

My god does this one deliver on the body horror; just some absolutely incredible make-up work by the special effects team here. That’s the 80’s for you though, the effects when practical are almost always insanely impressive. The CGI however, is not and From Beyond isn’t the exception to it. Thankfully there’s very little CGI so it really didn’t bring the movie down for me.

This film is also sexy as fuck. We get this crazy story-line where two scientists have built a device that stimulates the peneal gland which causes you to see beyond out normal realm into this psychotically gross, hell-like dimension. There’s one other side effect, it also makes you really fucking horny.

It sounds stupid but that aspect really works well here because in the end the sexual desire and desire to see into “the beyond” become one in the same. We need that to keep our main characters coming back to this realm because without it, it would only take one small encounter in the beyond to make them say fuck this and roll credits.

There’s some goofy dialogue and one-liners that bog this movie down a bit but nothing that ruins it, given that it’s not taking itself too seriously to begin with. Check this out if you’re a fan of Re-Animator or body horror in general.



Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

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