(1981) The Beyond

I really didn’t like this movie despite it having a ton of sequences I enjoyed. Also, there’s something about a horror movie attempting to depict “hell” that makes me perk up and really get engaged. Hell after all is the ultimate horror from a theoretical stance; eternal torment and damnation.

Anyways, there’s a lack of plot structure here and the narrative is incredibly confusing. I get it, hell is leaking through and that’s why all this shit is happening. Most of the time the confusion didn’t seem unintentional but for some reason, that just made it more obnoxious. There’s no need to revel in an ambiguous plot line for almost an entire movie, it’s pretentious and the overall style of building the film around this lacked depth.

It’s an awesome premise and it’s really a shame it was botched. I thought the end of the movie was genius and really creepy and awe-inspiring. I just wish I didn’t have to clutch onto the first 3/4 of the movie to be able to experience it.

This isn’t a confident negative review for me and I know I’m in the minority here so any fan of Fulci should still give this a watch. It has a ton of classic Fulci style body horror and some genuinely creepy sequences.


Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

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