(2009) The Univited

I chose this one out of HBOGO’s limited horror selection because Elizabeth Banks is semi-local to me so I feel like my chances of sleeping with her are higher, thus making her more attractive.

It’s a movie plagued by cliche’s specific to the early 2000’s and fires off twist after twist like me when I’m drunk texting girls at 3:42am thinking I still have a chance to get laid despite my Jack Daniel’s brand penis. It’s done well though and I actually sort of enjoyed watching it. It’s a remake and not to sound hipster but I’m already sure, without even seeing it, that the original was better.

It was really predictable to me only because I’ve seen so many movies of the same vain but something tells me the twists that didn’t surprise me would impress someone else, in that sense I can see this movie being successful.



Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

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