(2014) The Town that Dreaded Sundown

I don’t understand the hate this movie gets at all. How was the third act predictable? What about the cinematography sucked? How was the acting-okay the acting wasn’t the best by any means but trust me when I say it doesn’t take away from the movie in any way.

For a slasher, the acting is actually excellent. Some of the dialogue is so fucking original and a huge leap out of the monotony of clichés that plague the sub-genre. Take the scene with the two gay kids for example, if we see two people sneaking off to go diddle each other’s doodles in a slasher, we know they’re about to get the boot. However, here we get such a genuine exchange of dialogue; it’s truly how I believe two inexperienced gay high schoolers would go about trying to suck each other’s cocks. That level of innocence makes me attached to them, it makes me feel their fear.

That’s what people don’t fucking get about this movie, this was never set out to re-define the genre. Fuck, redefining a slasher would most likely not make it a slasher. The Town that Dreaded Sundown sets out to raise the bar in every supporting characteristic that can make a slasher great. We get absolutely beautiful cinematography that props up this boring Texas town into something so fucking vibrant. I really wanted to pause the movie dozens of times just to fully appreciate it.

Combine the visuals with the sound editing and we get this uniquely crisp sense of power and purpose from our killer. Not a whole lot seems hidden in shadows or cut up with tons of different shots to make our killer seem faster than he is. It’s just fucking raw. The killer showing up gave me the same sensations that Javier Bardem gave me in No Country for Old Men.

You know what’s really fucking annoying about horror movies? Cheap jump scares as its only source of fuel. You know what’s even more annoying than jump scares? Fanboy elitists who think that any sudden elevation in volume or bass is a cheap trick. Watch this movie loud or watch it with decent headphones on. The sound is deep, scary and absolutely adds to the tension in the best way possible.

Also, the shooter has a fucking gun. There’s a re-defining slasher characteristic for you yah greasy cocksuckers. Oh god are his gun kills satisfying. The spectrum of kills ranges from playing a trombone  into someone’s back with an affixed knife on the end to just simply whipping out a pistol with a silencer and doing it like a professional.

This film by the American Horror Story team is one that I’ll be constantly recommending to people. Even if you’ve already seen it and disliked it, I strongly encourage you to go back and give it another shot.



Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

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