(2016) In the Deep

The internet seems obsessed with thalassophobia lately and rightfully so, the ocean is fucking scary. In fact, is it even a phobia to be scared of the open ocean at this point? It’s not like getting claustrophobia in a stuck elevator where in reality, you’re perfectly safe. The ocean has a billion things just waiting to fuck you up, seems like a fear with merit to me.

The movie follows two girls on vacation, trying to be more adventurous while clearly staying budget friendly as they opt to clime into a rusty shark cage to get a look at maniacally big great white sharks.

In the Deep sort of came out of nowhere for me, I actually can’t even find a trailer for it. Nevertheless, it was a welcomed surprise. Mandy Moore gives a fantastic performance here, her characters fear is genuinely contagious. I also really enjoyed that the sharks were the least scary thing about this movie. It’s tense, face paced and I actually found myself trying to willfully slow down my breathing to see if I could survive being trapped in a shark cage  with limited oxygen.

Anyone who was into The Decent or Buried should check this out. Much of the actual shark footage is done with CGI but it doesn’t do anything to take away from a successful movie that prays on our most commonly shared phobias.




Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

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