(2008) Eden Lake

No matter how many times I watch a movie about a couple being stalked by locals while on vacation; the one thing that’s hardest to digest is the concept of an entire group being capable of murder. I mean seriously, have you ever thought of that?

Eden Lake takes this concept a step further by demonstrating this mob mentality with a group of kids. The movie’s entire approach is meant to horrify through realism. Yes it’s gory and ultra-violent but every instance of violence felt uncomfortable. You have basically one leader pressuring the other kids to commit atrocities and the whole thing is just sad and bleak.

As far as the characters go, the acting is fine but I couldn’t manage to give a shit about any of them except for maybe Kelly Reilly’s character. Her husband played by Michael Fassbender in the movie is kind of stupid, he takes a beating and then some but his actions are hard not to pigeonhole as mere devices to advance the plot.

There’s a huge moral dilemma here regarding how much responsibility a kid can bear, how much of their actions are controlled by influence. This is an aspect to this movie that I really loved and set it apart from other movies of the same genre. One of the biggest potential disappointments was that it seemed destined to end the way most of these do but I’m happy to say that the ending is uniquely dark and a welcomed twist.

Kelly Reilly has great tits.


Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

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