(1981) An American Werewolf in London

I wanna start this out by saying a firm fuck you to /r/horror. They banned me for submitting some of my posts here because god forbid someone wants to discuss some fucking horror movies on /r/horror. Let’s keep the subreddit pure with “If I liked Casper what other intense slashers would I like?” You know what, fuck everyone while we’re at it. Fuck my dad, my ex’s, Swiss and that black dude at Stop and Shop who used to work the deli counter.

Oh and speaking of my childish rant, An American Werewolf in London is fucking fantastic. There’s really not a whole lot I need to say about it. It’s a werewolf horror movie that delicately balances humor with scares/gore to give birth to a beautiful film. There’s tons of awesome body horror and the whole thing is just a remarkable success. It’s one of those movies that left a smile on my face simple because of the “yes, they did it” feeling.

This movie was a huge milestone in the recognition of special effects makeup and really an easy movie to love for any horror film. Christ I thought this review would be pages while I was watching it but now I have nothing to say.



Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

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