(1948) Rope

I was really excited to watch this because movies filmed entirely in one room tend to be really technique driven and that’s something Hitchcock handles really well.

Despite a very straightforward plot, I can’t help but thinking there’s a ton going on in this movie, a lot of which was way ahead of its time. It’s not just about two men attempting to get away with murder but it also introduced this widely controversial notion of lesser lives being expendable to the more powerful sector of society.

On top of that, you have a really interesting dynamic between the two killers which to me, felt really organic and much more fluid than assuming two psychopaths happened to find each other. You have one delusional man who’s managed to influence another man to commit such an atrocity through pure charisma and lots of hinted gay sex. A ton of the films tensions splits equally between James Stewart becoming more suspicious and John Dall completely unraveling, while slowly becoming conscious of reality as his partner becomes more suspiciously insane. Coincidentally, this is exactly how the GOP is feeling about Trump right about now.

I believe a lot of this films criticism is in technical aspects to the camera work and production. I don’t really like to say too much about specific things like film cuts and transitions as I just don’t really have enough background to comment on that. I can say that what I noticed was that the movie was shot in really long takes, which made it seem incredibly fluid to me, much like watching a play without as many set breaks.

Overall I think this is a really important movie both in Hitchcock’s filmography and film in general.



Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

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