(2013) Escape From Tomorrow

I often criticize David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive for being overly complicated despite its prestigious reputation and the aesthetically pleasing nature of its cinematography. I can read an in depth summary of exactly what each scene means and realize, okay yes, in that sense it’s kind of genius but it’s severely less satisfying than being able to connect the dots myself. I think Escape From Tomorrow falls in the same vain except in the end, there’s no rational explanation for what goes on. Despite all of that, I enjoyed this film much more.

The general back story to this movie is that it was filmed entirely illegally with iPhones and secret camera crews, which inspires wonder within itself. Coupled with that, the film plays out with an eerily methodical pace, often having me wondering if I’m even watching a horror movie up until it all starts to unravel. Lot of abstract camera work and amateur acting blend into what seems to be a complex sci-fi back story of an entirely evil nature. As an adult the only thing that scares me, besides everything, is that general feel that everything that’s good in my life might possibly be a farce.

I’d love to hear what other people thought of this movie. I can’t confidently say it was “good” but I can say that I really fucking enjoyed it. It brought me back to a place of a ton of childhood memories only to flip the Disney reputation into something completely unnerving and sinister, even if it was in the vaguest way possible.



Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

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