(1968) Night of the Living Dead

George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead is an incredibly successful, groundbreaking independent movie that showcases stylish camera work and an overall sense of impending doom.

There’s no time wasted as the zombies are introduced immediately which ends up setting the pace for the entire film. I truly didn’t find the effects dated despite a small suspicion that Lucio Fulci is giggling in his grave at the level of restraint.

This is definitely a benchmark horror to be seen by anyone who considers themselves a fan of the genre in general. Trying to find any criticism here is tough. If anything I’d say I did catch a few tiny quips of cheesy dialogue that reminded me it was an independent movie but it’s almost hard to say if that hurt it in any way.

For anyone who doesn’t agree with me here let me just say, no you’re not crazy. You sort of have to get in the right mindset to watch old 60’s horror films. No matter how well sequenced and shot, they just don’t have some of the sonically easy scare tactics that modern horrors have. What’s important to understand is that this was incredibly impressive at the time, given the equipment and also the limited amount of already successful horror material that Romero had reference to.

This may not be the first zombie movie ever made (I believe it’s the second) but it’s widely creative and an absolute classic.



Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

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