(2001) Session 9

Session 9 is a hit or miss depending on how much you “get” on your first viewing. I feel like I understood enough of the plot and still didn’t like it.

I can’t even describe the plot because I’m not sure how much the actual “plot” had to do with anything. Or maybe I should call the ghosts a sub-plot. I don’t fucking know. It’s a creepy atmospheric ghost thriller that has its twist and the twist isn’t all that fleshed out.

I didn’t feel like I saw anything new here, it was filmed strangely but by strangely I mean filmed in an incredibly interesting location with incredibly uninteresting people. Unfortunately, the unraveling of those uninteresting people fuel the movie.

I mean, fuck, can you really say this movie is good? The acting is fucking atrocious. It’s a character driven film, how the fuck could you expect me to appreciate it when the acting is utter shit?

Props for the location and the fanboys who suck your dick session 9, everyone needs a good succ once and a while.



Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

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