(1978) Halloween

ICONIC. LOYAL. John Carpenter has the keys to success, but really. Look at Halloween, just fucking look at it. That shit was made in the 70’s and is shot better than most modern horror movies, it’s almost pathetic.

I reviewed Eyes Without a Face earlier this year and a lot of people consider that to be one of the earliest “slashers”. No no no, jesus fucking christ you people don’t get it. The slasher genre is pure to the simple minded killers. I’m not necessarily talking about serial killers with a lack of motivation but the motivation is subsequent to psychopathic tendencies. Halloween, at the very least, perfected this concept.

Like I said before, the film is shot beautifully. There’s just a cleanness to it all; wide shots, calculated angles, the technique is purposeful and deliberate.

I’m sure everyone has seen this movie but if you haven’t, it’s an absolute must watch.



Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

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