(1977) The Sentinel

The Sentinel excels the most in its psychological horror elements, particularly the sequences where the audience is being fed into the loop of what’s really going on. Where it falls flat unfortunately, is on the big deliveries, particularly the climax.

Tons of soon to be big name actors in this movie including Christopher Walken, who if I’m not mistaken, doesn’t even have any lines (or maybe just a few). I have no issues with the performances here, none really stood out and elevated the movie but it wasn’t bogged down by any particularly bad ones either.

Jumping right to the conclusion, I have a very personal gripe with depictions of hell in movies and no, it’s not because I’m religious. It’s because it’s fucking hell, the supposed worst place in any imaginable existence. Instead we get an old school side show carnival freak fest and to me, it just looks silly.

While well structured and oftentimes suspenseful, in the end the film just doesn’t quite deliver what it promises.



Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

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