(2004) Shutter

Shutter definitely capitalizes on the success of Ringu and The Ring but manages to bring something fresh and somewhat unique to the table.

When I say bring something unique to the table I’m really just referring to a lot of the little things I loved about this movie. They took a formula that’s been done before and gave it- no no no, the ring movies did all of those things. Hmm, fuck this is tough because I really DID like this movie yet I’m struggling to write it a letter of recommendation, especially without dishing out spoilers.

Is this movies formula just a thing now, kind of like how slashers and found footage are a thing? I don’t hate it, genuinely just curious. I think the only problem I foresee with this kind of structure is that it relies on a connecting on a serious emotional level and that feeling gets disingenuous after a while.

This movie is just too much fucking fun to criticize it to death over it’s questionable authenticity as an original film. It’s in no way better than its predecessors but I fully recommend it to all horror fans.



Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

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