(2009) The Forth Kind

I’ve never been so divisive about a film or possibly anything in my for that matter than I am about this movie. I love this film but it had problems. I don’t hate it but I also recognize its glaring flaws and overbearing obnoxiousness.

I should put as a disclaimer that I’m a lush for anything alien related, I’m addicted to wonderment and I always discredit my shortcomings as being small in the grand scheme of the universe. Jesus fuck that’s depressing.

Anyways, The Fourth Kind is incredibly special to me because it’s the first movie I’ve loved which I cannot forgive for its flaws. The narrative is obnoxious and downright deceptive. It had very little to do with the actual disappearances in that Alaskan town which may seem small, it’s a horror movie after all, but really just felt low to me. It didn’t even fucking need it, that’s my main problem. Take out the dumb fucking Milla monologue at the start and I’d be 10x more forgiving.

As for the actual film, it’s excellent. It’s truly horrific and a goddamn masterpiece in its own right, outside of a multitude of creative decisions. Milla Jovovich is oscar winning quality here, I fucking love her so much. The raw emotion that’s poured into this movie by her should be praised by the directors for saving their piece of shit.

The shitty narrative of fake “real” footage comes together at the end, it works. It’s one of the most creative uses of “real” footage I’ve seen to date but it’s fucking ruining to some degree by that monologue at the start. Do NOT try to actually fucking fool me, just make the fucking movie, it’s great as is.

Can a minute long monologue ruin a great movie? Yes, it can. It wasn’t believable and the small real connection to the actual disappearances was disrespectful.  I’ll never be offended by anything but using that vague real life story is absolute deception. Such a fucking shame because this is an excellent movie with unfortunately completely justified criticisms.

It’ll be a personal favorite of mine forever, I might actually have to binge some x-files to get off after that. The depth that this movie delves into is way more than any quick review will tell you. I clearly don’t recommend it for everyone but it works for me.



Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

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