(2014) The Voices

I’m not sure how this movie slipped under my radar but it’s a welcomed treat and another example of the versatility Ryan Reynolds posses as an actor.

The Voices, at its core, is an incredibly intelligent original, black comedy horror that also manages to look stunning in the process. Ryan Reynolds plays a troubled, unstable man who spends his free time talking to his dick cat and more morally intact dog.

The director does a great job at switching between Ryan’s perspective and what we would assume to be reality. It’s clever as fuck and you’ll almost be uncomfortably giggling during those creepy sequences, trying to stay in that comedic atmosphere, despite shit starting to get real.

I can safely recommend this to anyone; comedy fans, romantic comedy fans, horror fans, perverts, depressed people, sociopaths, pets, etc. Grab a few beers, pop this bad boy in for date night and I can guarantee your girlfriend will shift your cock into 5th gear and drive you up fuck mountain.



Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

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