(1998) The Faculty

The Faculty is the most fun you’ll ever have reliving the 90’s through a horror movie. Although it doesn’t touch some of the greats like The Thing in terms of the actual quality of its special effects, it makes up for it tenfold with clever writing and an array of likable characters.

Shit now that I’m writing about this movie I really don’t have a whole lot to say which is when the voices in the back of my head kick in, telling me it’s not that good. So yeah, it’s not that good but it’s definitely good and I definitely loved it so who really gives a shit.

A movie like this is bound to lack depth, kind of like Famke Janssen’s vagina in Nip/Tuck (who’s sexy as fuck in this movie by the way). Though in the sea of 90’s teen horror movies, this is the cream of the crop.

Also fuck you bitch, don’t tell me how to rate this movie. But seriously…how should I rate this?




Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

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