(2014) Housebound

Watching Housebound, I found myself being initially bored to death and completely uninterested. It was a pleasant surprise to experience a monotonous horror/thriller with a cunt lead actress completely win me over by the end.

The imdb is more than enough plot info but for the lazy, TL;DR a girl goes on house arrest at her parents house for robbery, fucky things go down.

The beautifully executed finale make the entire story come together and somewhat forgives the first half’s boredom. NZ/AUS horror films usually have some level of comedy in them, whether it’s purely from the goofy accents or the smart pseudo-british dry comedy. This one feels the same in a really great way. It doesn’t manage to fully break the suspense with its humor but there’s amble comedic moments to liken the characters and establish their authenticity.

This is a pretty good movie, it wasn’t my personal favorite but it’s a quality film, somewhat unique and it may very well appeal even more to someone else. I think this one is on Netflix right now if you wanna check it out.



Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

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