(2009) The Collector

I watched this movie while writhing around in a greasy pit of cheap whiskey and unfounded adrenaline and now I get to write the review hungover as shit.

Fortunately for me this movie is very easy to talk about and the entire experience of watching it was fairly straightforward. It’s like a typical home invasion movie mixed with Saw. It’s fast paced, unrelenting and viciously brutal. I fucking loved it, tons of creative traps and tricks to create ultra-gory, cringe inducing moments.

The only other thing I want to note is that this is a horror movie that has a protagonist who behaves exactly like you want him to behave. Black people might be yelling in the theater “oh shit das fucced up!” but they won’t be yelling “tha fucc bitch wat u doin!”. Holy shit that was racist, I’m sorry.

If you like Saw check this out. If you didn’t like Saw then don’t check this out.




Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

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