(2016) The Shallows

The Shallows is the best shark movie to come out since Jaws. It’s not realistic, there’s no intricate backstory or sub-plots. It’s simply an incredibly tense and thrilling horror movie that both looks and sounds amazing.

The cinematography is absolute eye candy. It feels like something I should go on and on about but that’s all I can really say. The movie just looks beautiful, such a treat after watching Jaws 3-D yesterday. Both the CGI special effects and the special makeup effects are excellent. The shark itself is gigantic and menacing but my real attention was fixated on Blake Lively’s leg wound, extremely realistic looking.

Blake is great here, she’s charismatic and easy to root for. I know I pushed the whole stripped down thriller shit before but there is a emotional driving force behind the movie. We briefly learn that Nancy’s (Lively) mom passed away from cancer and her thoughts on it are sort of like maybe her mom pushed too hard and spent her remaining days in agony. I’m not going to give my thoughts on that issue but her experience in the movie is sort of a lesson in the value of human life and the will to survive. Of course the conclusion kind of spells that out for us in a hallmark-y way, which sounds awful as I type it but I was so into the movie that it felt genuine at the time.

This is seriously an excellent film, tropical beaches have always been a really great location to dump some blood. It reminded me of the first time I came on my college friends black girlfriend. Sure it was a morally questionable situation but goddamn if that pearly white jizz wasn’t breathtaking against her toasty complexion.




Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

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