(1977) Eraserhead

I never want to discredit anyone’s opinion but this movie just wasn’t quite as groundbreaking for me as it was for other reviewers. It’s just too weird, it didn’t connect with me and I found it somewhat disengaging.

It’s Lynch’s first feature film if I’m not mistaken and I can see a lot of really cool things about it but that’s just it, it’s cool. I see this world which Lynch created and I think “oh well this is interesting to look at”. As an iconic movie, the praise hailed for it is impossible to ignore, so watching it now my expectations are unfortunately way too high.

It’s kind of like Lynch jerking off while watching Tim Burton and David Cronenberg fuck each other, which isn’t a bad thing; I just didn’t get anything super meaningful out of it.

Check this out if you’re a fan of body horror and Lynch’s work, it’s super weird but can be a fun watch if you’re in the right mood.



Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

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