(1999) Audition

I really don’t know how Miike churns out so many successful horror movies but in terms of his entire collection, I’d saw Audition deserves one of the top spots.

It’s about two directors who hold a possibly fake audition to try and find on the widowed director a new girlfriend. Truthfully, the premise itself and the way it’s acted out in the film doesn’t smell of cruel intentions, which makes what ends up happening in the end all the more shocking.

There’s a definite slow build to this movie and since it was hyped up a ton before I watched it, it felt suspenseful waiting for shit to go down. If you’re going into this movie completely blind, I can understand the first half of the movie feeling somewhat boring. Once things start to unravel though, they do so at an unrelenting speed.

Really incredible performances all around and Eihi Shiina’s character was chilling. There’s always this perceived sense of innocence surrounding Japanese girls for some reason (when they’re not piling eels into their assholes). That facade was broken the second she starts to talk about her past, uncomfortably revealing so much all at once.

Everyone jerked me off over the ending being so incredibly shocking, maybe I’m just numb to it but both Gozu and Visitor Q felt way more fucked up. I’d still recommend this absolutely anyone who’s into raw horror movies. It’s incredibly well structured and dizzying through its dreamlike sequences, all the way up to the vicious conclusion.



Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

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