(1973) The Wicker Man

Oh my fucking god Britt Ekland is so goddamn hot. That little fucking dance she does while singing that weird song hnnnnngggggggg. She could spend the whole day eating Taco Bell while farting in bed and I’d still eat out her asshole like it was my last meal on death row.

Oh the movie? The movie is great actually, it’s a thoughtful little horror mystery that actually manages to be quite creepy in its build up. Christopher Lee (RIP) is fantastic in his role as Lord Scoobert Doobert. Shit what else…

The movie itself looks great, it was shot somewhere incredibly beautiful like Ireland or Scotland or something. It’s a perfect location for the last scene, which ends up being pretty remarkable and is something sort of iconic at this point. It’s so hard to talk about this movie without giving the entire mystery away, not that it isn’t somewhat predictable anyways.

If you dig super dooper floop ploops then you’ll probably being into this nifty lil flick.



Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

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