(2016) Swiss Army Man

A couple things; go on imdb for the description, I’m too lazy to formulate a short coherent plot analysis. I’m going to roughly go over some themes in the movie, no spoilers don’t worry, I’m just going over general character dynamics. Whether these two gentleman buttfuck each other will remain a mystery until you see it for yourself.

I’m including this movie in the blog posts because it has enough body horror to break into the genre. More importantly though, for many viewers it will test your comfort zone which is something horror nerds crave. It’s not a dude raping his own son in A Serbian Film or a bunch of teenage boys eating human shit in Salo but it manages to tap into, for me, a disconnect in my subconscious that can’t deal with homosexuality.

Before I call everyone homophobic let me just say that one of the dudes is a fucking dead farting corpse and even more importantly, they’re friends, there’s many factors at play here that make the viewer hesitant in accepting anything romantic between the two. From the moment he finds the body on the beach I knew the clock was ticking before they started to get into some gay shit. It’s a huge theme throughout the movie, also a part of a more general theme about being yourself and accepting yourself. It rears its ugly head pretty quickly and puts the viewer to work.

Aside from these kind of big, ambitious ideas at play, everything in Swiss Army Man feels soft and whimsical (am I gay?). It’s really fucking weird and towards the end of the movie you have kind of bought into the weirdness to an extent where the cloud of fart dissipates just enough to see the landscape of the entire movie.

I’d recommend this to anyone and everyone; it’s original, effective and important; most important to the people who would normally be put off by it. The ending is perfect as well, something of a magic trick really. Daniels’ teases every cliche’, predictable ending that you could think of, before showing you the perfect one.


Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

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