(2014) Bodom

At just over an hour long, Bodom never really seems to drag along but unfortunately, despite some momentum, end up being pretty forgettable.

It’s basically two people go to a lack to investigate some old murders and it devolves into the Hungarian version of The Blair Witch Project, which isn’t a bad thing, except they were boasting a potentially more complicated premise that just can’t be executed with TBWP‘s formula.

Lots of really vague ideas and imagery; nothing really ever comes together. With all that negativity though, I did enjoy the film for not being as shitty as it could have been. The atmosphere was creepy, pacing was great and it really showed some promise.

It’s really a film that’s so close to being good that I wouldn’t be surprised if some other found footage fan really loved it. For me, instead of teetering between a 9 or a 10, it’s between a 5 and a 10. My gut instinct says this didn’t quite work and we need a bit more explained but hey, I’m pretty full of shit so what the fuck do I know.




Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

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