(1968) Spirits of the Dead

Spirits of the Dead is an old school horror anthology with a pretty solid lineup of directors; Louis Malle, Roger Vadim and Frederico Fellini. They each do their take on an Edgar Allen Poe story. Full disclosure, I’m really not familiar with Poe’s actual writing outside of the main pieces so I’m not even going to comment on that.

Cutting straight to the chase, Roger Vadim’s short film to start this off is pretty weak. I just didn’t care for it so that’s all I have to say.

I wasn’t floored by Louis Malle’s one either albeit is was better than Vadim’s. I’d say this one is definitely worth checking out, it’s just not too dense.

The last film from Fellini titled Toby Dammit is incredible, a total Fellini movie but very Twilight Zone-y in style. It’s an interesting take on alcoholism and greed. It also manages to look fantastic and the entire short has a nightmarish tone to it. The story does devolve into chaos towards the end but the build-up is masterfully subtle to the point where I felt like I was breaking down along with Terrance Stamp (Toby).

9/10 Toby Dammit

5/10 for the whole fuccin thing


Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

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