(1985) Phenomena

Phenomena isn’t as tight and long lasting as Suspiria but nevertheless, it’s endless 80’s cheese and perfect to watch your bitch. Actually, truth be told, this isn’t really the type of movie I want to see from such a talented director. There’s so much depth to the production in Suspiria that a goofy 80’s movie is almost a let down. I’m literally not sure if this is a good review or a bad one at this point but let’s roll on.

As far as acting goes, it isn’t good. I won’t really entertain any other opinions on that. There’s some moments where the dialogue becomes an unnecessary narration of obvious actions, specifically making me cringe at the ending. It’s worth noting that people think this ending is awesome and well, it really is! It’s just not “good”. I talked about that over explaining dialogue problem in my Goodnight Mommy review if you want to read a slightly angrier reaction to that bullshit.

There’s also these heavy metal songs that I truthfully don’t know how I feel about. I love Argento and Iron Maiden but together? I really just don’t fucking know.

This is such a fun story that it’s impossible to shit on this movie completely. Basically like I said, it has its flaws but for a cheesy 80’s horror movie, it’s among the greats.


no wait… 7/10



Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

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