(1973) The Exorcist

These types of films are always difficult to write about simply because, as a horror fan, I’ve already heard everything there is to hear about this movie. Oh and I’m not talking about exorcism movies, I’m talking about perfect movies.

This is the type of film where people have to make up negative things just so they have something to dispel. “Many people think the build up is too slow but…blah blah” Yeah, no one really thinks that, it’s a pretty universally praised movie. While we’re on the build up, it might be the most intelligent aspect to this movie. William Friedkin takes the time to let the characters accept their reality in a realistic manner. It’s a technique that creates a very human aspect to them and watching the mother and the priest break down actually becomes as horrific as anything else here.

I can definitely see this film being very scary during its heyday and I’m not at all saying it doesn’t age well, I’m just numb to it all at this point. The effects, acting, cinematography and sound design are all fantastic.

I’m still not ready to give out my perfect 10/10 but this one came pretty damn close. This does not feel like an early 70’s film, it’s truly something special.



Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

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