(1986) Night of the Creeps

This is instantly in my top 10 for cheesy/campy 80’s horror movies. The tone was so consistent throughout that I never once questioned if that was exactly the type of film they set out to make.

Like I said, it’s a really campy movie with stereotypes on steroids. Damn that phrase is catchy, saving that one to use again. Anyways, it was a really fun movie to watch that had such a satisfying level of comedy without ruining what would be an otherwise good horror movie.

The effects are fantastic for 1986, absolutely over the top exploding heads and shit. It’s not the quintessential 80’s example of world class special make up effects but it’s still a high point and deserves a mention.

I’m definitely overrating this one but fuck you I don’t even give a shit.



(1964) The Masque of the Red Death

This is an excellent Edgar Allen Poe inspired Vincent Price movie. It’s strange that Price movies are all collectively in a genre of their own but he typically does steal the show.

The Masque of the Red Death is no different, taking from Poe’s original story, it’s all about one mans inability to accept death. It’s a simple concept but executed beautifully. Price’s character is downright evil, he’s like a less bitch-like version of Prince Joffrey.

I really love the imagery throughout as well as the original short story. The inevitability of death is a great topic to base a horror film out of because after all, for many that’s the ultimate fear.

If you’re not familiar with Vincent Price this would be a great place to start, it’s a fairly straightforward movie but definitely one of his most successful roles.


(1988) Pumpkinhead

It’s not all that surprising that this movie was somewhat panned by critics just simply given the nature of it but I agree with many horror fans that it’s criminally underrated.

Monster movies are severely lacking in modern horror so it was a treat to dip back into the 80’s just to meet Pumpkinhead. This film has a very clear and concise background that feels just fleshed out enough without compromising the mystery that surrounds the creature himself.

Even the performances are underrated, Lance Henriksen is fantastic and although none of the other roles wow’d me, they weren’t indicative of the cheesy period of horror this film arrived in.

The effects are fucking killer, Pumpkinhead looks awesome and although I wish everything was gorier, the creature design more than made up for it.

That’s basically it, just a really awesome 80’s monster movie. I can’t speak for the sequels but definitely check this one out.


(1981) Dead & Buried

I kind of dug Dead & Buried but I also was kind of bored with it. It’s one of those movies that starts strong and ends strong but there’s a long middle part where you’re like “Ok, I get it, just tell me wtf is going on”. It’s actually my huge issue with mystery and giallo films in general. I can’t necessarily say what makes the good ones good but there’s a definite issue with proposing a mystery and the time it takes to reveal it.

Something 80’s horror-mysteries did to fill the gap was toss in some over the top body horror, which is my absolute favorite. There’s an ample amount of that in Dead & Buried, it’s just not top tier quality. Quality wise it was between Eyes Without a Face and The Re-Animator.

This isn’t a film that will challenge you or blow your mind but it sets out to do something and is successful in its own way; there’s nothing I hate about it. The ambition is lacking but it’s not a total throwaway.


(1998) Alien Abduction: Incident in Lake County

This was such a strange movie to pop up on my list, I have no idea who recommended it to me. I mean, it’s a TV movie, how good could it be?

Well it wasn’t terrible so that’s a huge win. To start with the bad things, right off the bat I’d have to dock the acting. While it wasn’t consistently bad, it had its moments and unfortunately those moments were terrible. It’s kind of weird talking about acting in a found footage film in general because by acting well they really kind of have to seem like they’re not acting if that makes sense. Of course I usually prefer natural and realistic roles in all my horror films but I tend to be a bit more forgiving of bad dialogue in FF films considering people oftentimes say dumb shit in real life. So yeah, it crossed over my threshold of acceptable shittiness several times.

The only other bad thing was the visuals during specific sequences. They did a great job initially at kind of skating past extremely low budget effects but towards the end once I saw more, I was really begging for less.

On the positives, it was genuinely creepy at times. I found it to be extremely well paced and although I docked the visuals, there were some very creepy shot as the movie was building up.

I expected this movie to be a lot worse than it is, I can’t personally rate it super highly but I appreciate the recommendation from whoever sent this my way. I had some fun with it and that’s all that matters sometimes.