(2003) Dark Water

I don’t mean to sound like a neckbeard but I seriously love Japanese horror movies. This movie clearly takes an influence from Ringu, just like every fucking Japanese horror movie does; it’s from 2003 through so hopefully that fad dies out. Watching each one of these fucking movies I’ve got sweaty fingers waiting to rip them apart in a review for being shit copies of the ring. Unfortunately for my cynical pink ass, much like many others, Dark Water is its own beautiful entity.

It’s the same kind of gritty dystopia-style production from RinguPulse and Shutter. It works beautifully and really makes me want to die right along with our main characters.

Skipping ahead to talking about the ending, it really was incredible. The movie came together to be something greater than I was expecting. It was very in tune with a ton of issues surrounding divorce and all of the emotions that go with it; all brought to life through horror imagery.

If they’re not cunts, give your parents (or parent if you’re me or black) a hug, it’s really remarkable the kinds of sacrifices parents make for their kids. More so, how much a kid is a part of the parents life. As a parent, if you don’t have a relationship with your shitty kid, you’re really missing a whole piece of yourself and I feel bad for you.

Edit: It’s from the creator of Ringu, should have seen that before, oops.



Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

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