(2012) The Conspiracy

This is absolutely found footage done right and they took incredible risks here. First and foremost, it’s about conspiracy theories which can very easily seem absolutely ridiculous, even in a fictional setting. Christopher MacBride managed to actually do his homework and a lot of the aspects to this film are based off real life entities.

It’s truly gripping from start to finish and really makes you think. I don’t mean think like whoooaaaa doood illuminati but rather, think about what the public doesn’t have access to. The strangeness that world leaders can meet and make decisions that affect millions of people is something that blows my mind.

These aren’t formal reviews for the most part by the way, I’m just free-flowing thoughts here to get out my honest opinion. The camera work was great for found footage, love the hidden suit cam as well as the distorted/censored voices and faces; it added another layer of creepiness.

Most of all this film managed to take a dive off the deep end into something really ridiculous that ended up feeling powerful, exciting and scary. It reminded me a lot of Kill List in that sense.

I actually really loved this movie and the more I talk about it and digest it, the more it sinks in that this is the creme-de-creme of found footage films. It’s something that blends ambiguity with creepiness and the end result is just something that hits hard.




Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

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