(2013) WNUF Halloween Special

WNUF is, well I guess it’s a found footage film, I wish I would have known that going into it. I wish I would have known a lot of things going into this because truthfully, I thought it was supposed to be a cute 80’s public TV Halloween special spoof. I thought of it kind of like something you’d toss on as background noise while you suck down Jim Beam on a crisp October evening.

It’s really not a bad little flick though, it’s got a really cool vibe that hipsters can jerk it to. The thing that admittedly threw me was the ending because it was you know, alright. Unfortunately I got zero creepy vibe leading up to it.

If you watch this just know they’re actually trying to make it scary, it will help get you in the right mind set.


Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

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