(1922) Nosferatu

I’ll plainly say that I was blown away by this film. For 1922 there’s a direction of horror so understood that it’s a mockery of modern day vampire movies.

I promised myself I wouldn’t be a fucking hipster faggot about this and sorry for getting all homophobic (it’s cool my sister is gay) but this is a movie I really frankly don’t want to like. I have a ton of preemptive expectations about classics but a fucking silent film? Just fuck right off.

Unfortunately this little jazzy play-movie made me fuck right on. It has some genuinely creepy scenes as well as a depiction of horror that’s borderline unsettling to see from that era. I’m not talking Salo style unsettling, I’m just saying, shit was creepy.

It’s not easy to watch because of the era and style but I will say I agree that it’s a staple in horror. I found myself paying close attention to shots with my inner monologue yelling “how the fuck did they shoot this?” It’s fun and timeless, it will always be timeless; no one had a reach like this film did, not even modern day vamps.

It’s good shit. Nosferatu is good shit. I’m so glad I’m done with this movie though, fuck silent movies, that shit takes too much goddamn attention.


Honestly dude, it’s a real rating for what it is, I loved this shit; it’s cool as fuck.

9 out of fuckin 10



Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

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