(2012) The Woman in Black

Usually I tend to be apathetic towards gothic style horror movies, simply because the grey scale tends to bore me to death. The Woman in Black is definitely an exception in some regards but it did have its dull moments.

To start off with the negatives, there’s a whole mess of the plot that’s taken from literally every ghost movie ever. Anytime something intangible is killing people, the protagonist automatically assumes he has to get to the source of the ghosts troubled past in order to spare his life. It’s not original and I frankly don’t give a shit about modern movies that do this. The argument to this is that it’s a classic and key element in telling a ghost story, if that’s your reasoning then fine.

Another positive/negative, the film is gorgeous, the photography is fantastic and everything in general just looks cool as shit. Unfortunately it doesn’t look cool as shit for an hour and a half, it’s on that dark grey scale and nothing pops or holds my attention.

A great thing about this film, in my sexy opinion, was the goddamn ending. It was an ending that was both happy and sad as well as resolving nothing which worked beautifully in the context of this film. I can’t really say anything else without spoiling it but this will be a dividing line for some people.

So yeah, it’s kind of generic but it’s a solid, family friendly horror. I’m kind of on the fence about watching the sequel but I’m curious to see where they take this.



Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

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