(2016) Don’t Breathe

Yessssss I fucking loved this movie and just this director is general, Fede really knows his shit in regards to horror.

It’s really just an awesome premise to start out with, sets up a gigantic audio fun house to play around in. I fucking hate too much dialogue in horrors, just give me fucking suspense. The blind dude was a great villain for this reason, barely talked and was keen, methodical and powerful.

He’s relentless, this movie is relentless! I know that’s in quotes on every fucking horror film but I swear this movie didn’t let up for a second once it began. It was some of the most fun I’ve had watching a horror movie in a long time

Solid performances all around but Stephan Lang stole the show, the guy definitely does some weird shit in real life.

A lot of the genius in this movie comes from taking risks that border crossing a line plot wise as well as making the villain unrealistically strong. The movie really went on and on at the end but in a good way thankfully. It felt a lot like watching someone win over and over again on a roulette wheel. It’s exciting as fuck but I also was thinking, holy shit you already have won so much, stop risking it. As for villain, like I said before, he’s perfect. He’s as strong and deadly as realistically possible and he makes mistakes occasionally but they only serve to make him seem more human; it somehow makes him even scarier.

Side note, and this will become relevant once you see the movie but is it gay to drink your own cum? It’s kind of gay just to jerk off if you think about it. Yeah, it’s my own dick and all but nevertheless, I still know what a boner feels like in my calloused manly hands.


Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

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