(2007) Trick r’ Treat

This is such an incredibly fun movie that blends comedy and horror perfectly. The makeup direction is fantastic and well, everything looks-wise is successful. I’ve only seen one other Dougherty movie, Krampus, which I absolutely loved and was very similar in style. He has this upbeat style of production that kind of blends every childhood horror movie with intense body horror, I’m smiling at just the thought of movies like that existing.

This is one to toss on every year around Halloween. It’s fast paced and even your least favorite segments will become interwoven into the story as a whole and quickly become memorable.

If I were to choose my favorite segment it would have to be Dylan Baker’s role as the principal, it’s both funny and creepy, as well as his performance being spot on. He kind of gives off the same vibe he did in Happiness (a much more fucked up role).

I fully recommend this to everyone, I’m thoughroghly (honestly I’m just gonna leave that spelling error to shame myself) impressed.


Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

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