(2005) The Skeleton Key

The Skeleton Key, while inspiring a lot of “wait…wut” moments, manages to outsmart its audience in the end, proving me to be an incompetent reviewer.

I mean seriously, I was racking up notes on different cliches througout the first half. You know, a door slamming here, a candle blowing out there. I was settling in like ugh, where’s the fucking whiskey? Here comes another atmospheric ghost movie that we all need…

I was seriously wrong though, yes this movie has a twist but it’s not an oh shit moment right at the end but rather a well developed twist that’s fleshed out and explained. When I say all that I mean I’m assuming it was, I got kind of lost at one point but I don’t wanna be left out of the hype here.

I can’t say much else without ruining it, great little Louisianna shrimp fuckin’ horror right here, get it while it’s hot; or 11 years later, whatever works.






Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

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