(1988) Pin

I totally fucking dug this movie, so creepy in some conventional ways but just really fucking unsettling in some not so conventional ways. A lot of the disturbing content was really subtle. If Pin were neighbor catching you loading up the minivan with little shitbirds, he’d be the kind of guy to lick his lips before saying “cute kids”. You can’t really say definitively that he wants to bang your kids. I mean, his lips might just be chapped and the compliment could be harmless but you know, he definitely wants to bang your kids.

It’s a story of two kids who are growing up in an unusual household with strange parents and an imaginary friend in the form of a medical anatomy doll. Unfortunately I can’t provide more than “strange parents” because that’s all we’re given here. It’s actually one of my favorite aspects to the film, such an important element of the plot is left so ambiguous but the subtle suggestions are creepy as fuck.

I will be totally open in saying I may have overstepped my reach with this film and pulled a lot of themes from suggestions in the film that weren’t overly clear. It’s not common that I overthink a simple film, I’m much more apt to do the opposite but nevertheless, a lot of what goes on in the movie is open to interpretation.

Towards the second half of Pin, things progress more or less how they’re meant to, in terms of a cleanly structured plot line that’s not as open to interpretation. It may have become predictable towards the end but I still enjoyed the tits off this bitch.




Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

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