(1998) Alien Abduction: Incident in Lake County

This was such a strange movie to pop up on my list, I have no idea who recommended it to me. I mean, it’s a TV movie, how good could it be?

Well it wasn’t terrible so that’s a huge win. To start with the bad things, right off the bat I’d have to dock the acting. While it wasn’t consistently bad, it had its moments and unfortunately those moments were terrible. It’s kind of weird talking about acting in a found footage film in general because by acting well they really kind of have to seem like they’re not acting if that makes sense. Of course I usually prefer natural and realistic roles in all my horror films but I tend to be a bit more forgiving of bad dialogue in FF films considering people oftentimes say dumb shit in real life. So yeah, it crossed over my threshold of acceptable shittiness several times.

The only other bad thing was the visuals during specific sequences. They did a great job initially at kind of skating past extremely low budget effects but towards the end once I saw more, I was really begging for less.

On the positives, it was genuinely creepy at times. I found it to be extremely well paced and although I docked the visuals, there were some very creepy shot as the movie was building up.

I expected this movie to be a lot worse than it is, I can’t personally rate it super highly but I appreciate the recommendation from whoever sent this my way. I had some fun with it and that’s all that matters sometimes.



Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

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