(1981) Dead & Buried

I kind of dug Dead & Buried but I also was kind of bored with it. It’s one of those movies that starts strong and ends strong but there’s a long middle part where you’re like “Ok, I get it, just tell me wtf is going on”. It’s actually my huge issue with mystery and giallo films in general. I can’t necessarily say what makes the good ones good but there’s a definite issue with proposing a mystery and the time it takes to reveal it.

Something 80’s horror-mysteries did to fill the gap was toss in some over the top body horror, which is my absolute favorite. There’s an ample amount of that in Dead & Buried, it’s just not top tier quality. Quality wise it was between Eyes Without a Face and The Re-Animator.

This isn’t a film that will challenge you or blow your mind but it sets out to do something and is successful in its own way; there’s nothing I hate about it. The ambition is lacking but it’s not a total throwaway.



Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

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