(1997) Lost Highway

I wrote a while back about one of my favorite Lynch film’s Inland Empire and how I truly believe it wasn’t meant to be picked apart and over analyzed. My advice for this movie is just the opposite.

The story of Lost Highway has a comprehendible (with effort) narrative and I can promise you, if you really pay attention to this film, it makes perfect sense. Like I said about Blue Velvet, Lynch likes to attempt to build on very simple ideas. That’s not saying that this movie is simple, it’s anything but. However, it feels complete and once I got done mulling it over and kind of figuring it out in my head, I can understand where Lynch was originally starting from.

This film is about how powerful the human mind is and how we cope with intense guilt, fear and regret. Specifically in this instance, the compartmentalization of murder. Taking another human life is an action that by most moral standards is exempt from any form of retribution. Whether in prison or free from the justice system, the human mind has to find a way to cope somehow.

I think from a personal perspective I really tapped into Lynch’s message of traumas catching up to you. For me, dealing with anxiety, just to get through my day I have to bury even small shit down but it all eventually has to be dealt with. For my larger problems that I’m ignoring, I know a day will come when I’ll have to deal with them too, even if it seems like I’ve officially outrun them. Although that all seems inherently negative, especially in the context of the movie, it’s really just about confronting your issues; even if that means accepting your punishment.

I loved Lost Highway, even just writing this review I had a blast thinking about it. I’m tired as shit right now but that film was enthralling. It was incredibly well executed with total re-watch value, I’m sure I would catch several different things if I gave it another spin. I can’t recommend this enough.

Oh and on a side note, Bill Pullman is an incredible fucking actor that deserves way more praise.


Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

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