(2005) Noroi: The Curse

This is one of the most arduous J-horrors I’ve ever experienced. It’s strange this has such high ratings to me. First off, it’s way too long and unorganized; there’s simply too much going on. An hour and 20 minutes into the movie I was still massively bored and confused. I think that’s the point where I call it a lost cause but I did stick it out until the end.

The ending had some cool sequences but is no one really gonna talk about the blatant (1999) Blair Witch ripoff? Also the big reveal is really just stupid when you think about it.

To me this did have potential and I could see how someone would like it but I’ve heard it called the best found footage ever made and it’s just not. I’m fine with ambiguity and subtlety as long as it leads somewhere but this movie had the same level of tension for 90% of the movie. It wasn’t horror movie scary, more like waiting in line at the DMV scary.

There were successful moments and I enjoyed some of the camera work but this is definitely the most overrated movie I’ve seen this year.



Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

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