(1993) Fire in the Sky

I’m a total sucker for alien movies and the great dividing line in most of them is in the amount of mystery vs here’s the fucking alien, look at it. Sorry, I’m a little hungover.

Fire in my Cock is the latter. It’s set up very classically as an alien abduction movie with the slant-eyed fuckers, saucers, beams and shit. It doesn’t ever necessarily stray from that but it does have an absolutely incredible (I think) abduction scene. It’s so fucking outlandish and creepy with this huge alien set piece. I mean, it’s 1993 but fuck it, still looks pretty dope.

Yeah I don’t know, it’s not a masterpiece or anything but it’s a fun, flirty, creepy, gay, cool, good, sexy, alien-y alien horror-thriller movie.


Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

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