(2002) The Eye

The Eye is an incredible Chinese ghost story. It’s really difficult to write about because I’m supposed to tell you how it’s different from other ghost stories. I just cant- no I can. I can tell you how this is different.

Let me tell you how this is practical first though. This is a ghost story and nothing more and when I see it I’m like- okay; here comes the key moment where I learn that we need to resolve this conflict in this movie. About 3/4 way through we’re literally told by the pseudo-narrator that the main character has to find the root of the ghosts problem before resolving it/freeing it.

I’m frankly not going to go beyond that, you should understand the structure of these movies. What sets them apart is the fucking raw emotion. It’s the fucking characters and the effects and oh my god it’s fucking everything.

I apologize immensely for my shitty writing but I just passionately want to say what these types of movies are really about fucking loss in general, not just death. This movie has its own soul; it’s just etherial to the Japanese ghost horror world that only accepts meaningful shit. Have I bought into other movies of the same vein more deeply? My god, obviously, but this one is still massively successful in the same way those are. It’s invigoratingly dark and bleak to the point where the atmosphere bleeds into the actual plot.

I finished the last of this movie the second after trump was elected and yeah, I don’t fucking know. I’m drunk and just feel sort of strange.



Author: Ben

26 year old cheeseburger addicted horror junkie

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